Lelli Kelly Colourissima

A door into your little girl’s feelings.

Introducing “Colourissima” the groundbreaking interactive school shoe designed to ignite creativity in young girls. With interchangeable accessories—a heart or a bow—this innovative footwear provides a canvas for self-expression. As little ones colour these accessories, they not only personalise their shoes but also offer parents a unique glimpse into their moods and emotions based on the chosen colours.

“Colourissima” school shoes feature colourable and replaceable straps, allowing young girls to unleash their creativity by customising this essential part of their school attire. With each pair, Lelli Kelly includes additional straps in plain black, intended to remain uncoloured. This thoughtful design ensures that “Colourissima” is versatile, meeting school dress code requirements and suitable for various formal occasions.

It’s important to note that while colours can offer insights into children’s emotions, a comprehensive understanding often requires considering them within the context of complete drawings, as advised by psychologists and graphologists. Experience the joy of creativity and personalisation with “Colourissima,” where every step becomes a unique expression of individuality.

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Colourissima School Shoes Autumn Winter 22

Lelli Kelly Colourissima


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