Lelli Kelly Shoes and Boots: Cleaning Tips

Maintaining the Beauty of Your Lelli Kelly Shoes and Boots: Cleaning Tips

The hand-crafted embroidery and intricate decorations that adorn your Lelli Kelly shoes and boots are what make them truly special and captivating for children. These unique embellishments utilise sparkles, glitter, beading, and shimmer effects, creating a footwear range that stands out from the rest.

To ensure your Lelli Kelly shoes and boots continue to shine and look as good as new, proper care is essential. In this guide, we will provide you with valuable insights into what you should use and what to steer clear of when cleaning these cherished shoes.

What to Avoid When Cleaning Lelli Kelly Shoes

When cleaning your precious Lelli Kelly shoes, exercise caution and avoid using anything abrasive. This includes:

  • Hard Brushes: Scrubbing with hard brushes may damage the delicate decorations and embroidery.
  • Shoe Cleaners with Wire Bristles: Shoe cleaners featuring wire bristles can be too harsh and risk harming the unique embellishments on your Lelli Kelly shoes.
  • Harsh Chemicals: Using harsh chemicals can potentially strip away glue or affect the colour of the shoe. This is especially important to note given the delicate nature of the decorations on Lelli Kelly footwear.

Gentle Care for Lasting Beauty:

With the delicate nature of the embellishments on Lelli Kelly shoes and boots, it’s crucial to approach cleaning with a gentle hand. This ensures that the intricate and charming decorations remain intact, preserving the unique appeal of your Lelli Kelly footwear.

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Lelli Kelly Shoes and Boots: Cleaning Tips


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