AppleSkin the eco-friendly school shoes

Exciting developments from Lelli Kelly: introducing their new line of eco-friendly school shoes for the upcoming Back to School 2023-24 season. In a proud endeavour, the renowned Italian company has incorporated a special material called “AppleSkin” for the insole and lining. This unique material is crafted with apple contributions sourced from Trentino-Alto Adige, originating from fruit processing for the food sector. Notably, Lelli Kelly’s “AppleSkin” models come with a charming removable loop or a bracelet accessory shaped like apples, offering a delightful touch either on the shoe or as wristwear.

Of particular interest is the journey of apple scraps that would typically be discarded. Instead, they find their way to a manufacturer based in Florence, Italy, where they undergo transformation into innovative and sustainable materials. This Italian craftsmanship breathes life into an exclusive capsule collection of school shoes, marking a significant step in Lelli Kelly’s commitment to eco-sustainability.


“Fior di Mela” School Shoes: an exclusive Italian manufacturing to celebrate Lelli Kelly’s new focus on eco-sustainability.

The insole and lining are produced with a special material made with the contribution of apples from Trentino-Alto Adige (Italy), following processing fruit for the food sector. The apple scraps, which would otherwise be discarded, are sent to a Florence-based manufacturer where they are used to create innovative and sustainable materials.

In addition, Lelli Kelly “Fior di Mela” models feature a decorative bracelet accessory with apples to be worn on the shoe or on the wrist.

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AppleSkin the eco-friendly school shoes


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